Friday, January 15, 2016

Bringing Baby to Meetings (Guest Blogger Andrea Soll)

On a blanket on the floor, in my arms, in my co-workers arms, in the stroller, tight to my chest in the wrap…These are a few ways that baby Leo has slept during meetings I’ve taken him to over the past 2 months. You see, I am currently one of the lucky few people who are participating in the “Infants at Work” program at the Department of Health. 

The new policy was put into place while I was on maternity leave with my son, so the timing couldn’t have been better. It was hard to visualize what having my baby with me at work would look like before I came back, but all I knew was that having the opportunity to continue to bond with my baby all day even after my maternity leave was over, was too good to pass up!

Leo sleeps through some meetings, but has also been awake for plenty of meetings as well. When he is awake, those meeting participants are sometimes witness to a quick game of “bite your belly” or peek-a-boo” in-between coherent sentences about SharePoint! I know they don’t mind because I get nothing but soft eyes and approving looks during meetings when I bring my baby. My co-workers here at the DOH have been wonderful and accommodating and always willing to offer a hand (or arms for holding) when needed.